William Choi

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William received his bachelor’s degree from Houston Baptist University (HBU) in 2006 majoring in biochemistry-molecular biology and chemistry. In 2004, he was part of the Welch Undergraduate Research at HBU mentored by Stephen Wentland, PhD, where he studied the protein folding of the myoglobin protein structure. In 2005, he joined the laboratory of Dean A. Lee, MD, PhD, at Baylor College of Medicine and MD Anderson Cancer Center where he studied tumorigenic chromosomal translocations in acute myelogenous leukemia. In 2007, William joined the Medical Scientist Training Program at Baylor College of Medicine pursuing MD/PhD degrees. He is part of the Program in Developmental Biology in the laboratory of Mirjana Maletić-Savatić, MD, PhD, and co-mentored by Zhandong Liu, PhD. Recently, he was awarded a fellowship from the Gulf Coast Consortia National Library of Medicine training program on translational bioinformatics. His research focus is on translational brain metabolomics.