Wendy Han

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I received my master’s degree in statistics from Rice University in 2010. Right after my graduation, I joined Dr. Savatic’s lab and started to work with NMR metabolomics data. Back at that time, I had no idea about NMR. Still, I have a belief that honest data always tells the truthful story, and hence, for me, it is a very interesting work to explore the hidden information underlying the data. In my work, the NMR spectroscopy data is a key for exploring the misteries in the brain metabolism, which is linked to the therapy of many elusive neuron disorders.

Therefore, I’m highly motivated in study, investigation and development of novel mathematical tools in identifying and quantifying NMR metabolomics data and quantification of small molecules, such as NPC from MRS data. The projects that I’m currently leading are:

  • NMRQuant
  • Biolog data processing package in R

Specialities: NMR metabolomics data analysis, Multivariate statistical analysis, SVD analysis of MRS data, writing and presentation of ongoing projects, small grants and manuscripts for publication.

Other hobbies: Accordion, pencil drawing, swimming, taekwondo, and making healthy desserts.