Mirjana Maletic-Savatic

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Assistant Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Neuroscience
Baylor College of Medicine

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

Cynthia and Anthony G. Petrello Endowed Scholar
Dana Foundation and McKnight Science Endowment Awardee

M.D., Ph.D, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 1996
Postdoc, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, 1999
Child Neurology Residency, Stony Brook University, New York, 2002


Graduate program affiliations:

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Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics

Division of Child Neurology
Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas

Cynthia and Anthony Petrello Endowed Scholar
Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, Houston, Texas

Director for Biological Research
Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York

Visiting Scientist
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Child Neurology Residency
School of Medicine, Stony Brook University, New York

Postdoctoral Fellow
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Mentors: Roberto Malinow, MD, PhD; Karel Svoboda, PhD

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Women in Medicine Award, Harris Medical Society and Health Museum Houston
Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (F.A.A.P.)

Nancy Chang Research Excellence Award

Virginia and L.E. Simmons Collaborative Research Award

Neuroscience of Brain Disorders Award, The McKnight Foundation
Brain Immuno-Imaging Award, The Dana Foundation
Finalist, New Innovator Award, National Institutes of Health

Best Doctors in America (Castle Connolly)

Phillip R. Dodge Young Investigator Award, Child Neurology Society

Outstanding Junior Member, Child Neurology Society
Career Development Award, National Institutes of Health (NINDS)

Breakthrough Publication of the Year runner-up, Science journal
Maletic-Savatic, M., Malinow, R., and Svoboda, K. Rapid dendritic
morphogenesis in CA1 hippocampal dendrites induced by synaptic activity.
Science 283: 1923-1927

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2002 State of New York Board of Registration in Medicine

2004 Board Certified in Neurology with Special Competence in Child Neurology

2015 Board Recertification in Neurology with Special Competence in Child Neurology

2016 State of Texas Board of Registration in Medicine

[rs_section_title title=”Patent Applications” bottom=”20px”]

R-7902 “Detection of Neural Stem Cells from Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Measurements” Mirjana Maletic-Savatic, Petar Djuric, Louis Manganas, Grigori Enikolopov

BLG 13-071 “Automated algorithm for metabolite identification from NMR data.” Mirjana Maletic-Savatic, Xu Han, Genevera Allen, Marina Vannucci

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