Marija Stosic

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Marija received her MD in 2007 from Belgrade School of Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia. In 2008 she finished her intern year in Belgrade Medical Center and started working in Children’s Neurology Clinic in Belgrade, Serbia where she encountered many patients with autism and other neurological disorders. In 2009 she joined the laboratory of Dr. Maletic-Savatic hoping that the exposure to newer, cutting-edge technologies, techniques that are arguably the finest in the world will help to find out and learn more about what contributes to the development of specific behavior of autistic children, as well as how their brain works. She is involved in multiple MRI imaging studies, performing global and regional brain volume analysis and other conventional and non-conventional quantitative MRI measurements in autism and other neurodegenerative diseases. She is also responsible for all clinical studies in the lab, involved in daily regulatory and ethical submissions, procedures, and communication with Institutional Review Boards, developing methodologies, approaches, and procedures for research projects involving human subjects.