Aleksandar Bajic

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I earned my B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Physiology from University of Belgrade, Serbia. Shortly after, in addition to scientific training for M.Sc. in Neurophysiology, I started academic career as Teaching Assistant. For the period of 10 years I was running labs for General Physiology with Biophysics, Experimental Physiology and Systems Biophysics for 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students. During my Ph.D. education I held several competitive international grants awarded for specific projects and training (COST actions, NIH, DAAD). After receiving my Ph.D. in Neurophysiology in 2011, I became Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology, and directed the course in Molecular Neurobiology designed for students earning a master degree in the Neuroscience program. This teaching experience raised a desire to conduct innovative research that will advance my spirit and the fields of neuroscience and medicine. In fall of 2012 I joined Dr. Maletic-Savatic’s lab. My present interest is to develop an in vitro model of idiopathic autism and to investigate the synaptic interplay of inhibitory and excitatory connections on patient-specific iPSC-derived neurons.