Magdalena Delacruz

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I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Florida A&M University and a Master of Science in Biology Medical Science from Mississippi College. Following the death of a family member from Alzheimer’s disease in 2018, I became inspired to conduct neurocognitive research to find answers for those affected by these life-changing diseases. I am currently a research coordinator in the lab of Dr. Maletic-Savatic for clinical research studies on neurogenesis, which involves patients such as those suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders. Outside of the lab, I worked as the founder of a non-profit organization called Health Equity and Empowerment, which is committed to delivering health education to minority populations and empowering underrepresented students to pursue careers in healthcare. In the future, my goal is to become a medical doctor in America and my country Haiti.