Alfred Dei-Ampeh

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Hi there! I am Alfred Kwabena Dei – Ampeh from Ghana in West Africa. I grew up aspiring to become a physician. Then, I gradually developed an interest in basic science research through which the underlying mechanism of a given disease could be elucidated and then translated to afford much-needed therapeutics for the sick. I currently have a BA in Biochemistry and Pre-medicine from Augustana College, IL, in addition to multiple research experiences that span academia and the pharmaceutical industry.  I hope to further my education to become a physician-scientist or a scientist. The common factor is me being a scientist who will have a lasting impact on many lives: the sick, the medical & the scientific world. I am interested in neuropharmacology research that fuses my love for chemistry, mathematics, and my increasing passion for neuroscience – complex but exciting. Since joining the Maletic-Savatic lab in July 2019, I help manage the research lab and assist postdocs in their works related to adult hippocampal neurogenesis. I am developing a novel method that makes it possible to carry out live multiphoton imaging of neural cells of human cortical organoids to understand a disease of interest better. Outside the lab, I spend time sharing my thoughts on life under different writing series, pursuing religious activities, mentoring/ tutoring others, singing, watching movies, and getting active through a select number of sports activities like soccer as time allows and friends are around to play.