The Maletić-Savatić Lab

We are interested in the longevity of the mind. To achieve it, one would need to maintain the capacity to learn and memorize, regardless of age. Nature may have equipped us with such ability – the center for learning and memory, hippocampus, is the major site where neural stem cells reside in the mammalian brain, including humans.

These cells produce new neurons daily. The newborn neurons have been associated with learning and memory as well as mood control. Thus, adult neurogenesis has important implications for human health. Recent studies have estimated that in the human brain, 700 newborn neurons are incorporated in the hippocampal circuitry per day.

Many more are born, but do not survive for unknown reasons. In addition, the number of primary stem cells that generate newborn neurons declines over time, leading to decline in the number of surviving newborn neurons. The question is: Can we influence neurogenesis and harness this natural capacity of the human brain to achieve longevity of the mind?


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